Monday, 30 March 2015

Working hard on word power

Ryan and Rachelle are practising their word power so they have lots of words they can use in their writing. I wonder how many words they will write next time.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Read to someone

Ryan is practising his reading to someone. He is helping Rachelle enjoy 'Greedy Cat'. Rachelle says "Thanks Ryan!"

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Read to Self

We are learning to read to self. This builds our reading stamina and helps us to get better at reading. We also have lots of fun reading!

Success Criteria
  • I read quietly
  • I concentrate on the book
  • I stay in space
  • I read the whole time
  • I get started straight away

How I am going

Read to self
Kerri thinks


I really like: Reading volcano books.

I think I need to practice:  Using a quiet voice when I read.

Ryan, I can see you love read to self. You love picking the books you want to read and are enjoying finding out all about volcanoes. You get started straigt away, stay in one spot and read the whole time. Remember to read in your brain or in a quiet voice so other kids can enjoy reading their books too.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Vocano

We went out to the sandpit with Rebecca and Rachelle. Rebecca made a volcano in the sandpit and we sat on the edge to watch what was going to happen... check out the video to see what happened.


We are learning to build our confidence in and around the water. We practise our swimming skills and love to show off our new tricks.

This is what I have been practising:
Safe entry into the pool (1/4 turn entry)
Kerri thinks

Submerge and blow bubbles
Kerri thinks

Touch the bottom of the pool
Kerri thinks


I am really proud of: when I touched the bottom of the pool with my feet and walked from one side of the pool to the other.

It is tricky when: I tried to touch the bottom of the pool and ride the noodle.

The next thing I want to learn is: to blow bubbles 

Wow Ryan! What a great time you had in the pool. I am pleased you are proud of walking across the pool it was a fabulous achievement and we are all proud of you! Riding the noodle was tricky for you but you and Camdyn worked together as a team to make it work! I hope we can get back into the pool at the end of the year so we can practise blowing bubbles.