Sunday, 18 October 2015

What is a half?

We have been learning all about fractions and what a fraction is. We decided that a fraction is fair. It needs to be the same shape, same size or the same number. 
We have also been doing loads of thinking and problem solving in our maths. We think problem solving is hard but we are very proud of our learning!

WALT: find the fractions of sets and shapes.
Success Criteria
  • I can use what I know to solve problems
  • I can use a picture to show my thinking
  • I can use materials to show my thinking
  • My shares are fair (the same shape, same size or the same number)

How I am going

I can use materials to show my thinking
Kerri thinks

My shares are fair (the same shape, same size or the same number)
Kerri thinks

Kerri Thinks
Ryan you used the play dough to find half of a shape and you can use the beans to find half of a set. Your halves are fair - they are the same shape, size or number.
Your next step is to use this understanding to find other fractions like quarters and thirds.


Jack and Ryan are sharing a book during read to self. Ryan is reading to Jack. Maybe next time Ryan you can listen to your friends as well as them listening to you.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ryan and the chalk

Ryan and Tracey went outside and used the chalk. Ryan drew around Tracey and Tracey drew around Ryan. I wonder who else might join them...

Nana buys Bon Bons

"Every colour is my favourite" said Ryan "but not the white ones because they are toffee ones".

Friday, 21 August 2015

Wearable Arts

We have been learning all about design on our way to create our wearable art garment. We started with some challenges…
1. In teams create and build the tallest tower
Our tower is the tallest, but we didn't finish in time.
We worked together; sharing ideas and elping each other. We have learned that it is really important to design and plan our creations before we start. This means we all know what we are trying to make.
2. Build a shelter for Leo our class bear

We learned that it can be very tricky to work in groups and we all have to take turns.
3. Work together to create a costume for 1 member of our team to model. 
Here we are in our costumes!
We remembered that it is important to design our work before we start. We also learned that we have to be careful with our materials, newspaper and tinfoil rip quiet easily.

We are going to use what we have learned to create our wearable arts garment.

Success Criteria:
  • Research and find my inspiration
  • Design and plan my garment (How I see things)
  • Follow my plan to create my garment
  • Create a garment that is going to last
  • Create a piece of art – an idea or a story or message
My story

How I am going

Create a wearable arts garment
Kerri thinks

Kerri thinks
Ryan you had a great time gluing the rest of the fabric onto your wings and making your mask. You showed great manners to thank Carter for his help - what great sharing he did. I love how you enjoyed the music and the dancing.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

I am a scientist

We have been learning to think like scientists this term. Learning all about plants has helped us to become scientists. We have been asking lots of questions and trying to answer them. We found out that plants breathe and drink water. We found the best way to germinate a seed – seeds need water to germinate but the plant needs water, soil and sun to grow well.
WALT: investigate
         Ask questions
         Make predictions (think about what is going to happen)
         Observe and record what happens    
Use what we have observed to make conclusions
WALT share our ideas

Show my science learning using play dough, drawing and labelling what we can see, classifying the plants and completing the plant life cycle activity.

Success Criteria:
I can ask questions
I think about what might happen
I look closely (observe)
I share my ideas

How I am going

I can ask questions
Kerri thinks

I think about what might happen
Kerri thinks

I look closely (observe)
Kerri thinks

I share my ideas
Kerri thinks


I really like:

I think I need to practice:

Something that really helped me was:

Kerri thinks